"Nursing Agencies in Kirkwood: Finding the Right Agency for Your Facility"


Even before COVID-19, staffing shortages have been an issue for healthcare providers. Patient-to-registered nurse ratios have increased by leaps and bounds due an aging population and the ongoing opioid crisis, leading to mass strikes and widespread burnout. This has only escalated with the pandemic. The crunch has led many facilities to turn to nursing agencies in Kirkwood for extra support.

In addition to the nurses who are leaving the field in droves in response to COVID-19 conditions, many more will be retiring over the next decade. This puts care facilities in a very difficult position, especially given how long it takes to recruit and train new hires. 

The good news? By working with a nursing agency in Kirkwood, you can gain access to a robust pool of qualified care professionals.The key is to find an agency whose staff can work well with your team and meet all of your requirements.

How to Evaluate Nursing Agencies in Kirkwood

With the right agency, you can save time searching for, interviewing, and vetting potential applicants. Instead, whether you're replacing a current team member or expanding your staff, you can choose from a selection of qualified candidates, quickly and affordably. 

To determine which nursing agency to partner with in the Kirkwood area for your staffing needs, consider the following:

  • Standards and compatibility. Ideally, the agency you work with should supply staff who have been thoroughly screened, including with reference checks and skills assessments. Top-tier agencies will also take your facility's work culture into account to find the best fit. 
  • Rates and fees. The cost of using an agency can vary, but don't make your decision solely based on it. Depending on your staffing needs, you may opt for a service that has higher rates but more extensive support throughout each contract.
  • Placement time. Inquire about the average time between informing an agency of a staffing need and having those placements filled. Bear in mind that it may take more time to find the right candidates for specialized roles. 

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