"Interesting Facts About Nursing We Bet You Didn’t Know"

"Nurses play a special role in our life.  They help us manage our physical needs, treat health conditions, and prevent illnesses. Our nurses provide holistic care, encompassing developmental, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual needs. They don’t just administer treatments, therapies, and medications, but do a lot more.

They are your biggest cheerleaders, supporting all the little things you achieve and every milestone in your health you reach. They are our superheroes. They watch as closely and from afar, ensuring that everything is all right. When they work as a caregiver in your home, caring for the sick and the elderly, they manage the entire household. Let’s honor our nurses by learning some interesting facts about nursing.

Did You Know the First Nursing School Established in 250 B.C. in India?

When the first nursing school was founded in India, the school only allowed men to come to study nursing. According to them, men were purer than women. Nowadays, things have changed drastically, with more women entering the field and dominating it than men.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services released data in 2009, stating that about 5.8% of nurses in the United States were men. Nursing became a systemized institution in the 1800s.

Did You Know the New England Hospital for Women and Children was the First Nursing School in the United States?

In 1862, the New England Hospital for Women and Children was the first nursing school in the United States that opened in Boston. Florence Nightingale and 38 nurses volunteered to travel to a British camp in Turkey during the Crimean War.
Florence Nightingale practiced modern nursing methods and techniques that we still use today. Before 1862, women could not join the hospital staff and medical school. When the New England Hospital for Women and Children was established, it finally allowed women to partake in clinical training.
In 1873, the first women graduated as nurses from the nursing school in the United States. Today, the hospital is called the Dimock Community Health Center.

Did You Know Nurses Are Consistently Named as One of the Most Trusted Professional Nurses?

The Gallup Survey has awarded nursing as the highest-trusted occupation 14 times consecutively. 85% of people view nurses as honest and ethical.

Did You Know There Are More Than 100 Nursing Professions for Nurses?

Discover Nursing stated that nurses could choose from 104 professions in nursing. Any person aspiring to be a nurse can choose from a wide range of certifications, degrees, categories, and job characteristics. Some of the categories include surgical, family, advanced practice, management, clinical, and community.

Did You Know Nurses Walk 4 Miles Each Day on Average?

A study focused on finding how many miles nurses walked each day discovered that they walk four to five miles each day on average during their twelve-hour work shift. On average, a person in the United States walks around two in half to three miles each day. Nurses stay on their feet for almost the entire day for twelve hours. Now, that is a lot.

Did You Know There Are More Than 2.9 Million Nurses in the United States?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the United States would have around 3.2 million nurses in 2022. Nursing is a popular career for several reasons. Although the life expectancy rate has increased over the years, people tend to become sick a lot.
This has increased the need for nurses. People admitted inside and outside the hospital in a home setting are opting for nurses to provide them with 24/7 care. Different health conditions and illnesses have increased the demand for nurses all across the world.
Even though the profession of nurses remains in demand all over the world, the market is still competitive. Employers and hospitals have become extremely selective in hiring new nursing graduates due to the sensitive nature of the job.

Did You Know Nursing is a Universal Profession All Across the World?

If you are a licensed nurse, you can practice nursing in the United States and all over the world. Nurses can choose to become a travel nurse. Travel nurses can travel to any city to practice nursing. If their presence is needed, they can be called to help out for a certain duration until they are moved to another area.
Since nurses are in-demand all across the world, nurses can practice in any country. Moreover, nurses can choose to provide in-home care services by staying in people’s homes, such as the elderly.

Did You Know Nursing Students Make Up Over Half of All the Health Educational Institutions?

With nursing students making up over half of every health care major, it makes sense why registered nurses make up a huge part of the healthcare sector. Nursing students can find support from within the health educational institutions from both their peers and students. This allows them to make friends more easily and quickly than other students.

Did You Know Nurses Do More than Just Aid Health Care Providers?

Doctors wear white coats, and nurses wear white uniforms and caps. Their respective attire at the hospital or clinic differentiates them from each other. With several women entering the field of medicine with more advanced nursing degrees becoming available for them, nurses now do more than just help doctors.
Before, only doctors were responsible for prescribing medicines, writing orders, authorizing examinations and diagnosing patients, but now nurses can too. Nurses practitioners and advanced-practice nurses possess the same level of knowledge as doctors. The difference between doctors and nurses depends on their responsibility for patient satisfaction and care.

Did You Know Three Out of Five Nurses Work in Hospitals?

Around three million registered nurses work in the United States. Nurses can work in schools, provide hospice care, provide in-home care, work in hospitals and clinics, and more. Nurses can also work as a forensic nurse, nurse-midwife, nurse educator, legal nurse consultant, or academic nurse writer. Nurses can get a nursing degree along with specialized training. They can then work in a large variety of settings.

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